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Adriatic Nautical Guide: Brsica

Posted by admin on 24th October 2016
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BRSICA (45° 01.8’N; 14° 03’E), cove and harbor at the bottom of the Rasa inlet serving Rasa and Labin (pop. 9,036 in 1991). Timber wharf off E shore of cove and livestock wharf at T pier.

Approach: Steep whitish cutting behind a concrete platform; three harbor cranes, iron tower (light green) on Trget point.

Mooring: There is a masonry waterfront NW of the steep pier. Small craft can only moor at the small number of buoys. The sirocco is felt here with great force, the bora is fierce and blows in gusts.
Harbor branch office, customs and post office in Trget (1.5km).

Warning: Alluvial sediments brought down by the Rasa river causes variation in the depth of the sea which may be as much as 1m. When the river is in spate after rain, currents may make it difficult to maneuver and sail into or out of the inlet.
Facilities: Water hydrant on the shore, provisions in shops in Rasa and Labin.

For more information about Brsica click here.

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