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Adriatic Nautical Guide: Cervar

Posted by admin on 24th October 2016
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CERVAR (45° 17′ N; 13° 36′ E), a long narrow inlet SE of point Zub. It forms two branches Lunga and Sveta Marina.

Approach: Vessels approaching from the north will see a lighthouse (single-story building with white and red sector light) on Zub point, a holiday settlement S of the lighthouse, the buildings of the hotel center and the Cervar-Porat marina in the S part of Lunga. The large rocky shoal on the S side of the entrance to the inlet, the northern part of which is called Veliki skolj and the southern Civran, is dangerous for all vessels. NW of Veliki skolj shoal there is cylindrical green buoy (green light) topped by a cone pointing upwards. Both shoals are easily spotted because of the waves breaking over the rocks. On the SW edge of the Civran shoal is a yellow buoy with a black band (white light) in the middle, topped with two black cones, their points upwards. The shoals are in the red sectors of the lighthouses on Zub point and coastal light on Barbaran cliff, and must be left to starboard on entering Cervar. The marina should be approached by a course in the middle of the inlet.

Mooring: The inlet is protected from all winds except those from NW, depth in center about 18m, and at marina entrance 14m. For about 200m along the north shore the sea is shallow (2m).

Facilities: Water and provisions in a supermarket in the village. General repairs in Cervar-Porat marina.
CERVAR-PORAT MARINA lies at the very end of the SE part of Cervar inlet, about 3M south of Novigrad harbor. It is well protected from all winds except that from the NW which causes a heavy swell in the marina and makes entrance difficult.
The marina has 300 sea-berths and about 50 dry-berths. Electricity and water hook-ups. Anchoring in the marina is forbidden. Small craft can anchor N of the marina in Sveta Marina cove (depth 6m) or N of the cove (depth 15m).
The marina has reception office, a hotel with a restaurant, snack-bar, coffee-bar, toilets and showerss, sports grounds, self-service shop.
Services include two cranes (5 and 10 t), equipment for transport and berthing of craft on land. A small slipway, maintenance and repair services to hull and engine, electrical installations, repairs to sails and masts.
There is a 1.5km long bathing beach 500m from the village near to the Ulika naturist center.

For more information about Cervar Porat click here.

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