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Adriatic Nautical Guide: Dajla

Posted by admin on 24th October 2016
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DAJLA (45° 22’N; 13° 33’E), village (pop. 307 in 1991), small bay and holiday centre about 2.5M north of Novigrad.

Approach: The bay can be identified by the buildings of the tourist settlement on high ground above the shore and a wide tower with a flat roof in the settlement itself. Approaching vessels should be careful to avoid the Dajla (Pasador) shoal extending 400m NW of Dajla point; the northwest edge of this is marked by a yellow conical buoy with black band round the middle. This should be left to starboard.

Mooring: This shallow bay provides good shelter from the bora and the sirocco but is exposed to W wind and sea. Yachts may land in the NE part of the harbour (Spic), and moor at the head of the small pier (four-point moor), depth 2m at pier head, or anchor in the middle of the bay (depths 78 m) with a good holding bottom.

Facilities: Local shops, water in the hotel centre. Fuel and all other requirements in Umag or Novigrad.

Sights: Ruins of ancient buildings.

For more information about Dajla click here.

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