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Adriatic Nautical Guide: Fazanski kanal

Posted by admin on 24th October 2016
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FAZANSKI KANAL, passage between the shore and the Brijuni islands s marked by a line: in the north of Barbariga point Kabula reef and in the south Prostina point Pinida (Peneda) point.

Approach: This is a very rocky shore with many shoals and reefs 00400m offshore. Beside the islands the sea is shallow. On approaching the channel the Brijuni and its characteristic buildings and vegetation are conspicuous. Care must be taken to avoid: fabula reef (black and yellow tower with column and gallery, two lack cones, points upwards, white light) on the NW part of Brijuni; the Mrtulin shoal cylindrical buoy with post and two black spheres, colored black with red band in middle) on the eastern side of the north entrance; the shoal S of Fazana (2 white conical buoys); Saluga shoal (cylindrical shoal red tower with post and gallery; sector light red sector danger) S of entrance to Brijuni harbour; Rankun shoal (cylindrical red buoy with pyramid construction, red light) E of point of same name on Veli Brijun; Botez shoal (cylindrical tower with post and gallery) E of Rankun shoal.

There are a number of anchorages in the Fazanski kanal for small craft specially when SW and SE winds blow; in front of Maric cove, in front of Fazana and Brijuni harbours and in the Verige and Ranuni coves. A NW wind causes a swell in the N part, and winds rom SW and SE in the south part of the channel. There is a constant NW current. During flood tide and when there are S winds the current attains a speed of 3 knots.

Warning. Between Fazana and Brijuni islands there are a number of underwater cables and pipes.

For more information about Fazanski kanal and Fazana click here.

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