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Sailing in April

Posted by Yacht Base on 22nd February 2018
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April is the great month to visit Croatia since everything is cheaper, quieter and simply more chilled out. There’s very few tourist crowds. You might be able to sunbathe for an hour or so at high noon along the coast (especially sunny Hvar Island) but not inland. If you’re a swimmer it might be too early to hit the beaches, but you can be sure of many warm sunny days to soak up the sun on the deck on your ship. While not yet warm enough to swim, a great way to spend a spring day is absolutely by the river or sea. The water is tranquil and calm, and many of the bars and restaurants which close during winter, begin to open their doors. Eating a seafood lunch or just drinking coffee, while listening to the soft, gentle movement of the water is a welcomed break from being cooped up indoors during winter. Have in mind that outside of the cities, in this time of the year, Dalmatia will be very quiet. Indeed, Split and Dubrovnik will be so too during the week (in terms of night life).

Croatia is a country with a typical Mediterranean climate along its coastline, so for that reason, if you’re not the biggest fan of hot temperatures, summer may not be the time for you to visit and if you don’t like the rain, wind and snow wintertime isn’t a good time to visit Croatia either. On the other side, if you prefer something a little middle of the road in terms of weather, spring is the perfect time to head to our beautiful and historic country. April’s average temperature in Dubrovnik is 13°C (56°F) and in Zagreb it’s 11 °C (52°F). Average sunshine hours is almost 13 hours at the beginning, increasing to 14 by the end of the month. Usually in April weather is pleasant for sightseeing, but evenings can be a bit chilly.

Visiting Dubrovnik is a good idea as the weather is mild, the walled town is relatively empty of visitors and the weather is perfect for wandering around the old town without melting in the hot summer sun. It’s also a great month to visit one of the oldest and the largest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park (it will seem like you have the whole park to yourselves) or Krka Waterfalls when the marvellous cascades are swollen with water. At Plitvice, the waterfalls are flowing at full capacity from the winter rains and with all of the snow that has just melted. They are both a real sight to be seen and can easily be reached from a day trip from Zadar.

Sailing in Croatia in April will be far more interesting, challenging and tiring! The end of spring is the greatest time to visit the islands if you like things quiet. With the hotels just opening up again, and not very many tourists you have the beaches and bars to yourself. Come and enjoy your holiday in Croatia this spring!

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